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Coastal body composition

Body composition scans

Using the Inbody 570, this device is 99% precise and is not in anyway harmful to the body!

Inbody composition analyers are a quick, easy and yet extremely precise machines that will scan your entire body using bioeclectrical impedance.
It will read and not limited to:
​Total body fat in KGs
Total skeletal muscle mass
Visceral fat
Bone mineral content
Total body water
Segmental muscle and fat analysis
​Total body fat percentage

Inbody also pairs to the Myzone belt used in gyms, have a scan at your gym with Inbody and get your results sent straight to your Myzone app on your phone. 
  1. Pinch test
    Pinch test
    NO MORE invasive pinch testing
  2. We are mobile
    We are mobile
    Yes we can come to your gym or workplace
  3. Fully Trained operators
    Fully Trained operators
    Rest assured we are fully trained, certified and insured
  4. By Appointment
    By Appointment
    Appointments available anytime at Pelican Waters. Before and after hours also available.

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